SmartPak Introduces New Exclusive Line of Fly Protection

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Line Features Deluxe Fly Sheet with Insect Shield Plus Masks and Boots

PLYMOUTH, MA—May 15, 2013No longer does your horse have to spend his summer under attack by flies and insects! Thanks to SmartPak’s new exclusive line of fly protection, your horse can enjoy his summer without having to fend off pests.

Just in time for summer, SmartPak is introducing its new exclusive line of fly protection that features the SmartPak Deluxe Fly Sheet with Insect Shield and also includes the SmartPak Classic Fly Sheet, SmartPak Deluxe Fly Boots and SmartPak Classic Fly Mask. Both fly sheets – the SmartPak Deluxe Fly Sheet with Insect Shield and the SmartPak Classic Fly Sheet – also come in Quarter Horse cuts, under the brand Rockin’ SP.

“No one enjoys having bugs swarm all over them—not me, not you, and not your horse,” said Melissa Hamlet, SmartPak’s Vice President of Merchandising. “We’re all horse owners at SmartPak and no one cares more about horses’ comfort and well-being than we do. The new SmartPak line of fly protection is the ultimate armor to protect your horse from the pests of summer and we recommend that everyone get ready for what’s coming by ordering their sheets, masks and boots today. We know that your horse will thank you!”

Protecting your horses from insects goes beyond ensuring their comfort. Serious and potentially fatal diseases such as Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), Western equine encephalomyelitis (WEE) and West Nile Virus can be spread by mosquitoes and other insects which really makes providing horses with the best possible protection a “no-brainer.”

Another problem is insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH or “sweet itch”) which is extremely common in the warm weather months. Horses that react to insect bites sometimes develop hives, itching, hair loss, scaling and crusting, and eventually whitening of hairs and thickening of the skin in the affected areas. If the mane and tail are affected and they become itchy, horses may rub until hairs are broken, developing the classic “rat tail.”

“This is a major problem that many horse owners deal with year after year and would practically sell their souls to cure,” said Dr. Lydia Gray, Staff Veterinarian and Medical Director at SmartPak. “The best move is to prevent insects from biting your horse to begin with and SmartPak’s new line of fly protection is a sure-fire way to do this.”

The SmartPak Deluxe Fly Sheet with Insect Shield is a lightweight mesh sheet with an oversized tail flap and removable neck rug. Its surcingle front closures with double backed Velcro prevent the front from gapping open and two belly surcingles keep the blanket in place while the tail cord prevents the tail flap from blowing and shifting. The SmartPak Deluxe Fly Sheet provides a layer of complete protection from poll to tail to keep bugs off your horse.

The Insect Shield insect protection is odorless, dry and tightly bonded to the fibers of the fly sheet fabric. It repels ticks, fleas and mosquitoes and helps cut down on your fly spray costs. Its EPA- registered insect repellent provides a layer of chemical protection that keeps bugs at bay and lasts through at least 25 washings. The fabric in the sheet also provides 95% UV protection.

The Rockin’ SP Quarter Horse Cut Deluxe Fly Sheet with Insect Shield is specially designed to accommodate stockier breeds like Quarter Horses. The sheets are broader at the chest and hindquarters and have a shorter drop in front. “They fit my Quarter Horses to a T,” said World Champion Reiner Tom McCutcheon. “They keep my horses cool, comfortable and insect free!”
The SmartPak Classic Fly Sheet is made of a soft polyester fabric that is breathable and provides a layer of lightweight physical protection to keep bugs from bothering your horse. Fleece at the withers provides a comfortable fit to prevent rubs and its stainless steel hardware is designed to last. Adjustable surcingles and a double surcingle front closure with Velcro ensure that the blanket fits snugly around your horse. A tail cord keeps the tail flap from blowing in the wind and an oversized tail flap provides additional coverage. As with the SmartPak Deluxe Fly Sheet, the SmartPak Classic Fly Sheet provides 95% UV protection.

The SmartPak Classic Fly Mask is just what your horse needs to keep summer’s pests at bay at a price you’ll love! It is made of durable PVC Mesh to hold its shape and keep flies off your horse’s face. It has soft mesh ears that provide extra protection from pests in these sensitive areas and fleece edging to ensure a comfortable fit with a wide Velcro closure that keeps the mask securely in place.

If your horse is tired of stomping in the field all summer long trying to keep the bugs off his legs, then SmartPak Deluxe Fly Boots are just what you need. The boots’ airmesh body allows for maximum airflow and breathability while offering maximum protection against biting insects. Your horse’s legs will stay both cool and protected! Comfortable fleece edging keeps the boots from rubbing and its ergonomic fit ensures a comfortable horse while Velcro closures keep the boots securely in place.

“When you consider SmartPak’s 100% Happiness Guarantee, free shipping on all orders over $75 and free returns on sized items – including every sheet, boot and mask – there’s really no reason not to try them,” said Hamlet. “Based on my experience, I am sure that both you and your horse will be glad you did!”

To learn more about SmartPak’s new exclusive line of fly protection and to place a risk-free order online, please visit

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