Images from ShortHorse Studios

August 13th, 2012 12:25 PM | Comments Off on Images from ShortHorse Studios

If you missed the 2011 calendar from ShortHorse Studios, we hope you will enjoy the images here. ShortHorse Studios photographer Heather K. McManamy is a photographer who specializes in portraits, both animals and people, and especially horses. Her expertise is capturing the heart of the subject, what I call the “emotional content” of a scene. A session with Heather typically produces images that range from fun to profound.

Every so often an image comes along, either by planning or by serendipity, that becomes the basis for a specially enhanced work. These are the images that were chosen for the calendar: images with a story, images containing multiple photos, images enhanced with color or texture or both.

Click on each images to see a larger view, and the story behind the image.


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