Self-Made Rider Bryn Sadler Cleaning up at Summer in the Rockies III

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Bryn Sadler and Bon Giorno were 4th in the Summer in the Rockies III
$15,000 Open Welcome Stake. Photo by Carrie Wirth

Parker, CO- June 21, 2013 – The Kathy and Brad Coors Family Grand Prix Arena at Colorado Horse Park was abuzz with show jumping action on Friday at Summer in the Rockies III. Professionals and rising stars in the junior and amateur ranks tested their horses and their skills over international course designer, Alan Wade’s tracks.

Bryn Sadler of Santa Fe, NM, has had a stellar week. She won the Low Amateur Owner Jumper classes aboard Cancun Z, was fourth in the $15,000 Welcome Stake with Bon Giorno and tied for first in the $2,500 Four Bar with Cincinnati.

Last week at Summer in the Rockies II, Sadler was first with Picobello and second with Cancun Z in the Low Amateur Owner Jumpers, she was third in the $15,000 Welcome Stake and fourth in the $5,000 North American League Low Junior/AO Classic. She also had good prizes in the $30,000 Grand Prix with both Bon Giorno and Cincinnati and in the $10,000 Show Jumping Hall of Fame High Junior A/O Jumper Classic with Wacoucha.

Bryn Sadler and Wacoucha. Photo by Carrie Wirth

The talented young rider was named Show Jumping Hall of Fame Rider of the Month for June of 2012. She pointed to her little video camera and said that this was her trainer.

“I don’t have a trainer and I haven’t had a trainer for the past two years,” said Sadler. “It is just my mom, dad and me. My dad sets my jumps and my mom watches the other people go and tells me, ‘Everyone is doing that inside turn, so I guess you should probably do that.’ It’s just us, but it works out really well.”

The Sadler family has a farm in Ocala, FL, where they base their operation. They brought five horses to Summer in the Rockies at the Colorado Horse Park: two grand prix horses, Cincinnati and Bon Giorno, two low amateurs, Cancun Z and Picobello, and one high amateur jumper, Wacoucha.

Bryn Sadler and Cincinnati won a three-way tie for first in the
Summer in the Rockies III Four Bar class. Photo by Flying Horse Photography.

Friday in the $2,500 Four Bar class, Sadler and Cincinnati hung in there with one clean round after another as the crew raised the jumps to 1.70m. She tied for first place with Armando Hassey riding Camillo and Carli Kirsch aboard Casco.

“He is the scopiest horse ever,” said Sadler of Cincinnati a gigantic 18.2 hand, Holsteiner by Cassini I. “He’s really cool and he’s really game for anything. Once he gets older, he is going to be a phenomenal equitation horse because he is so easy. I have had him for six years but I’ve only been riding him for about a year.  We got him for my brother who is six foot something. So my brother stopped riding and I got him. Super scopey awesome horse- okay, I’ll take him- if you insist!”

The Four Bar class was a challenge that the pair took head on. Sadler was determined and Cincinnati was game.

“It was kind of hard for him to get through the combination because they set it as if you were jumping 3’6″ but then they raised the jumps up to 1.70m. So when you’ve got that height- you’re thinking whoa, whoa!   All his life he has been collected because he is so big. So he knows how to collect really well. Lengthening- not so much.”

“We had some professionals ride him because he was so awesome that it was kind of worthless to do him in the Low Juniors,” she continued. “We had Sharn Wordley, Vicky Miller, Kyle King and Aaron Vale – anyone who wanted to try him. I’ve just started to get into the prixes. He’s awesome. So hopefully he’ll do well tomorrow.”

Kelsey Van Ackeren was in the ribbons again with her incredible Vernon G, winning the High Junior Amateur Owner Jumpers.  The pair hails from Austin, TX, and participated in the 2012 North American Young Rider Championships. In Austin, Van Ackeren trains with Nicki Mathen. At the shows, she trains with Matt Cyphert.

Kelsey Van Ackeren and Vernon G were unbeatable in the
High Junior Amateur Power and Speed Class. Photo by Carrie Wirth


“Fortunately they show a lot so that is the only way it can work,” said Cyphert.  “They have a beautiful place in Austin and a trainer there, Nicki Mathen, who does a great job preparing Kelsey and Vernon G and all of Kelsey’s horses for the ring. They come to the horse show pretty much ready to go. It is a pretty easy gig. They are super horses. Kelsey has had a lot of experience. S he’s done Young Riders, she’s done grand prixes with Vernon. We’re just bringing him back from a mild injury this spring so that’s why she’s doing the highs. She’s ridden beautifully and the horse is going so well. It is just,a lot of fun to watch.”

In the Low Junior Jumpers, 15-year-old Kelli Cruciotti and new partner Zidante edged out Chelsea Babcock and her two phenomenal mounts, Bull Run’s Alli Lu Ya and Bull Run’s Guardian, in an exciting power and speed format. Babcock has been consistently winning in the Lows and won the $5,000 NAL Low Junior/Amateur Owner Classic in Summer in the Rockies I and II.

Kelli Cruciotti and Zidante won the Low Junior Jumper Power and Speed Class
Photo by Carrie Wirth

“This is a new ride for Kelli,” said Cindy Cruciotti of Serenity Farm, Kelli’s trainer and mother. “This is only her second class with her. We imported this mare about 30 days ago and this is her first show. She is fast – she loves to turn and loves to jump.”

“I can’t say enough about what a great show Pat (Boyle) puts on,” continued Cruciotti. “The Horse Park has created such a wonderful venue for us to come and show – with the footing and the staff.  It is a great place to come for the summer and we really enjoy having it in our own back yard. We are very lucky.”

Show jumping returns to the Kathy and Brad Coors Family Grand Prix Arena on Saturday with classes kicking off at 8 a.m. The much-anticipated $30,000 Summer in the Rockies III Grand Prix begins at 4 p.m.

2001. $2,500 Four-Bar

1. 641/Cincinnati/Showcase 81, LLC/Bryn Sadler

1. 758/Casco/Carli Kirsch/Carli Kirsch

1. 1011/Camillo/Armando Hassey/Armando Hassey

4. 665/Lambert Louis/Cora Leeuwenburg/Armando Hassey

5. 908/Representing Aces/Jennifer DeNicholas/Jennifer DeNicholas

5. 1475/MTM Balvino/Brandon Howard/Brandon Howard

7. 817/Sir Sean/Jordan Dean/Jordan Dean


562. $500 Low Amateur Owner Jumper

1. 640/Cancun Z/Showcase 81, LLC/Bryn Sadler

2. 1390/Forget Me Not/Alana Butler/Alana Butler

3. 1398/Calderon/Krista Blew/Krista Blew

4. 871/Aconito/Kaytlin Ryan/Kaytlin Ryan

5. 810/Quinta/Jacqueline Ward/Jacqueline Ward

6. 763/Champagne Supernova/Shawn Tebben/Shawn Tebben

7. 908/Representing Aces/Jennifer DeNicholas/Jennifer DeNicholas

8. 1419/Cesper/Corey Diener/Corey Diener


550. $500 Low Junior Jumper

1. 1407/Zidante/Kelli Cruciotti/Kelli Cruciotti

2. 960/Bull Run’s Alli Lu Ya/Empire State Equine Sales & Bull Run Jumpers/Chelsea Babcock

3. 964/Bull Run’s Guardian/Empire State Equine Sales, LLC/Chelsea Babcock

4. 952/Arizona VDL/Serenity Farm/Kelli Cruciotti

5. 913/Colleona/BTP Investments LLC/Brooke Pettet

6. 664/Jetsetter 3E/Cora Leeuwenburg/Cora Leeuwenburg

7. 944/Sydney/Toby Cromwell/Corynne Cromwell

8. 926/Quito/Thinks Like A Horse/Isabel Johnson


554. $500 High Jr/AO Jumper

1. 802/Vernon G/Kelsey Van Ackeren/Kelsey Van Ackeren

2. 811/Nala/Jacqueline Ward/Jacqueline Ward

3. 1406/Ishana III/Serenity Farm/Kelli Cruciotti

4. 688/Carino G/Rancho Corazon, LLC/Chenoa Mc Elvain

5. 643/Wacoucha/Showcase 81, LLC/Bryn Sadler

6. 718/Santiago/Czech Mate, LLC/Hannah Holik

7. 1475/MTM Balvino/Brandon Howard/Brandon Howard

8. 842/Quite Quick/Jennifer Flynn/Delaney Flynn


588. $1,000 Open Jumper 1.4M

1. 673/Iz’s Viva La Vida/Bjorn Ikast/Bjorn Ikast

2. 833/Calotta/Ashton Galo Paley/Tony Font

3. 700/Diego/Jackie Smith/Jackie Smith


586. Open Jumper 1.3M

1. 841/Little Miss Sunshine/Allison Kroff/Allison Kroff

2. 1483/Leon D’Or/James Mc Connell/Amanda Mc Connell

3. 834/Sheishof’s Gloria/Ashton Galo Paley/Tony Font

4. 737/Air Apparent/Teton View Farm/Liz Schmid

5. 1418/Tommy Bahama/Chuck Waters/Heidi Hildebrand

6. 827/Kissimmee/Deana Blackburn/Tony Font

7. 831/Pallas Athena/Clare Leach/Clare Leach

8. 751/Quickie/Natascha Gates/Natascha Gates


582. $1,000 Young Jumper 7/8 Year Old Champ

1.676/Spice Boy/Bjorn Ikast/Bjorn Ikast

2. 967/Bull Run’s T-Mac/Bull Run Jumpers, Inc./Kristen Vanderveen

3. 974/Can Do/Toby Cromwell/Harriet Bunker

4. 965/Bull Run’s Revive/Bull Run Jumpers, Inc./Kristen Vanderveen

5. 1362/Witchita/Kimberly Little/Mickie Sage

6. 752/Chantico/Forest View Farm & Karen Ball/John Pearce

7. 975/Felix/Harriet Bunker/Harriet Bunker


The Colorado Horse Park Summer in the Rockies Fast Facts
What: Summer in the Rockies AA-Rated Hunter Jumper Show Series


Event Dates:

Summer in the Rockies I June 5-9, 2013

Summer in the Rockies II June 12-16, 2013

Summer in the Rockies III June 19-23, 2013

Summer in the Rockies IV July 3-7, 2013

Summer in the Rockies V July 10-14, 2013

Summer in the Rockies VI July 17-21, 2013

About the Colorado Horse Park

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the Colorado Horse Park was founded by visionary Helen Krieble who acknowledged the need for a high-volume horse show and horse boarding facility to serve Colorado.  The Colorado Horse Park welcomes more than 75,000 visitors per year and hosts over 40 competitions annually.  CHP features a derby arena designed by Olympic-designer Linda Allen and a cross-country course designed by Olympic Gold Medalist David O’Connor and eventing super-star James Atkinson. There are 300 permanent stalls with capacity for more than 1,000 stalls.

The picturesque property, located only minutes from the town of Parker, hosts international equestrian events in multiple disciplines. Visitors enjoy the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountain surroundings and access to miles of trails and open space.  The Colorado Horse Park is committed to supporting equestrian education and amateur athletics, preserving open space, fundraising for local charities and supporting the community.

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