Lindsey Weber and No Bo Chip Find Their Niche- At the World’s Largest Single Breed Horse Show!

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By Gabrielle Sasse,

Lindsey with "Rock" in 2008

Lindsey with “Rock” in 2008

It may not be the third, but the fourth time being the charm! For Lindsey Weber of Dousman, WI it is. Well, fourth time showing in Jumpers, first time showing at the World’s largest single-breed show, Quarter Horse Congress. This is the 47th year of Congress, which is held annually in Columbus, OH. The three week long show was held October 4-27th this year, and features many disciplines.

Lindsey has been riding since the age of four, and it definitely in her blood. “My grandparents trained thoroughbreds at Churchill Downs, and so that’s what got me started. My grandma showed cross country and Grandpa grew up with thoroubreds, and it all started from there!” The whole family has always had horses. Lindsey received her first pony at the age of six. “I was three, and the pony was headed for the meat truck. My aunt had found him, and my grandma rode him. Said he was the best pony we could find!” The pony and Lindsey were “a match made in heaven.” The pony is still helping kids with a family who shows 4H and Open shows.

“From there, did the 4H thing with him, had jumped with some friends, but really wanted to move up and be more competitive with Quarter Horse,” explains Lindsey. “I wanted to show more Equitation and Hunter Under Saddle and the All Around, so we found “Rock”, the retired show horse who brought me into the Quarter Horse industry.” Zippo Rock Bar and Lindsey did the All Around all on their own, sans trainer.

Lindsey was able to reconnect with Bo's breeder Karen at Congress

Lindsey was able to reconnect with Bo’s breeder Karen at Congress

“We did clinics and would talk to trainers and whatnot, but everything Rock learned was me and him together,” Lindsey says with a smile. “When I graduated high school and went to college, I retired him to [my younger sister] Danica.” Lindsey decided she needed another project. She found “Bo” about five years ago. No Bo Chip, by Triple The Chips (Don’t Skip This Chip), was bred by Karen Reifsnyder.

“I wanted to kind of start with a green broke, but one that had a little show time, that I could teach to do the all around with,” Lindsey shares. “I did the Equitation with him, and he is an amazing eq horse-super smart and one step ahead, so I have to ride two steps ahead.” She laughs. “He never made a good Hunter Under Saddle horse- he’s got a “ten” trot but a “five” canter, which to me is what I love. He’s so unique, and he just wasn’t going to be the All Around that I wanted, so we decided to try jumping.”

“What’s crazy, is that he is very klutzy- never knows where his feet are. He’ll trip and stumble… it’s never been a health thing, he’s just a klutz!” she laughs. “It seemed silly, but we figured we would try! Either he would or wouldn’t.” The pair started with the hunters while still doing Equitation, but Bo was just not quite cut out to be a Hunter. “He’s very busy minded, always wants to do the job and do it well, a total pleaser. I always have the mindset of “I want to get it done”, lets have a plan and do it. The hunters was too slow paced, too much like Hunter Under Saddle except with fences. We never excelled, which is what I wanted, and we knew he had a ton of power in his hind and his ability to be extremely brave and so decided to try the Jumpers.”

Lindsey and Bo's debut at a Hunter Derby

Lindsey and Bo’s debut at a Hunter Derby

“We’ve been raising the poles and putting scarier and scarier jumps in front of him, and every time he has risen to the occasion. I’ve never thought he couldn’t do it! Very cool horse. I yet to meet a Chip horse that is a jumper like Bo is.”

The Weber family has been working with AQHA Professional trainer Jenny Welhouse for the past few years, who shows both Quarter Horse and Hunter shows. “The first time I met Jenny was at the All Novice show in Plymouth, where I saw her riding another Chip horse. I was riding next to her asking about her horse, and she was just super nice. I’ve always been and extroverted person, and the fact that she was a trainer willing to talk to this youth kid trying to figure it out was the first moment I had met her. I had always kind of looked up to her, and I fell in love with the Chip horses as soon as I saw that horse.”

“I had never really ridden with Jenny, we just knew each other and we would talk here and there. About two years ago, I had worked with Becki Schwab, who had done amazing things with my equitation and Bo and myself, but I was ready to transition to the fences. We agreed Jenny was perfect, because Bo is sensitive and wouldn’t do well in a harsh program. Our first lesson we worked on gymnastics and he had never preformed that way ever. He was brave and confident and never took a goofy step so I just knew that was it.

Lindsey and Bo did the Hunters for a year, but “we were so aggressive that it just wasn’t for us. They would be good rides, but not a great “hunter” even-keel ride. We wanted to go big and go fast.” I suggest “Ricky Bobby syndrome” and Lindsey laughs, agreeing.

Quarter Horse Congress

Quarter Horse Congress

The pair wanted to go fast, and started doing Hunter/Jumper shows this year. “We’ve only done four shows including Congress for the jumpers- our first was in April of this year! From that, we went to one Quarter Horse show and blew everyone away. In Wisconsin in the Quarter Horse circuit… we’re the odd ducks, but it’s totally cool with me because we love it and we embrace it. After the Cap Gun Show, we went to our first Hunter Derby in August and he had the 2nd fastest time but we had four faults. But the 1st fastest also had 4 faults, and we had never competed in a derby! After that is when I decided to show at the Congress. He has the ability and I have the confidence, so I figured we would give it a try. We went in thinking it was this big show that I’ve always attended [and never shown] but I wasn’t afraid to go in and do it.”

smiling lindseyLindsey competed in the Amateur and Open Jumpers at the Congress, where the fences are 3’6”-3’9”. “It’s been a 110% dream come true,” says Lindsey, who can’t keep the smile off her face. “I’ve lived vicariously through my sister, and now I have a horse that I think is competitive and will be competitive. Just to make it through [this show] and to come out having successful rides is what matters. Granted, my Amateur ride wasn’t how I had planned at all, and I came out hard on myself, but it was coming out and knowing that I could change my next ride, and how I needed to do it was how I got my Open ride done exactly how I saw it. Knocked rail aside, it was a great course, and I rode every fence the way it was supposed to be ridden. He stepped up to the plate!”

Lindsey doesn’t feel she could have had this whole experience without the support of Walsh Harness and Saddlery. Lindsey is the Marketing/Sales Specialist-equine division for Walsh, and she explains that Walsh “supported my efforts in expanding our reach into the Quarter Horse industry and just getting the name out there.  When we go to shows I can promote Walsh, support our dealer network , and get them interested in the Quarter Horse industry.” Walsh supplies high quality leather goods such as harness, bridles, halters, belts, dog collars, and training aids, as well as OLA Hoof Packing, and Kentucky jumping boots  If you are interested in Walsh products, would like to become a dealer, or are more interested about the Walsh line of products, contact Lindsey via email, or visit the Walsh website.

Lindsey goes up to collect her winnings at Congress with her dad

Lindsey after collecting her winnings at Congress with her father Tony

“This horse show has been truly special,” Lindsey commented about Congress. “I have had the best experience here at Congress with a 7th in the Amateur and a 5th in the Open Jumping! Thank you to my family, friends, and Jennifer Welhouse for the support and encouragement to live my dream of competing at the Congress! Also a very special thank you to my parents and Danica for being there every step of the way to make my dreams come true.”

“Coolest experience ever,” Lindsey summed up. “Everything I could have hoped for, it has been. The competitors are super friendly and gracious and I just… it’s been awesome.“


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  1. Very nice article about Lindsey. If that picture of her and Bo’s first jump is not on a wall somewhere, it should be.