Husband and Wife Team Up for Top Ribbons in 3’3″ Performance Working Hunters at Summer in the Rockies VI

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Parker, CO – July 17, 2013 – Jodi and Freddie Vazquez demonstrated the value of teamwork as they started Summer in the Rockies VI off with a bang, racking up the ribbons in the hunter divisions. The husband and wife duo earned wins and top finishes with the string of talented horses they train.

They traded off wins in the 3’3″ Performance Working Hunters with two promising young horses. Jodi rode Beatrice Maloney’s Carnush to claim the blue in the first round over fences, and Freddie countered with Cynthia Baffa’s Marneux to take the handy.

Freddie Vazquez and Marneux

“Carnush is a 5-year-old that we just imported for his owner, who is doing the equitation,” Jodi said. “We wanted to give him some mileage in the big ring, and he was great today. He’s a scopey horse, he’s laidback, and he’s really brave. Often in the first class, the other horses are looking, or are a little nervous, but he’s ready to go – ready from the stall to the ring. We love that about him.”

Marneux, a 6-year-old, also looks to be a good prospect as he continues to mature. “He’s really grown into himself,” Freddie said. “He’s gotten to be easy and a pleasure. In the handy, he really laid it down. He turned sharp and crisp and clean and jumped well out of the short turn. He trotted the trot fence like a million bucks. I could not be more pleased with him – he just keeps getting better and better. I am looking forward to that one’s future.”

Freddie started the day by sweeping all four Green Conformation classes, including the Green Conformation Model, with Meg Gehron’s Talan. He then scored a win with Quintero’s Silhouette in the handy round of the First Year Green/Second Year Green/High Performance Hunters.

Jodi Vazquez and Carnush

Quintero’s Silhouette, owned by Kira Telford, was imported from Germany by Desiree Johnson of Johnson Horses. “We’ve had a lot of success with him,” Freddie said. “He’s a very nice horse to ride: very comfortable, lots of scope, and lots of stride. In the handy, he felt super. He was really sharp and crafty and had a beautiful rollback to the wide oxer, just curled around really softly, and I think that’s what won the class for him.”

Jodi and Freddie, who train out of Messenger Hill Farm in Lake Forest, IL, said they enjoy their joint endeavor. They have found a way to balance the workload and draw on their individual strengths while also going to each other for support.

“I think it’s great to be able to share your passion with the person you love,” Jodi said. “We designate certain jobs for each other. We both ride, Freddie manages the barn and the staff, and I work a lot with the clients and the vet and the farrier. We delegate and have our own things to focus on.”

Jodi said she and Freddie often turn to each other for advice or help with the horses they ride. “We swap back and forth sometimes,” she said. “I’ll go to Freddie and say, ‘Why don’t you get on and see if you can make him go better,’ and sometimes he’ll come to me. It’s nice to have to someone to bounce it off of.”

Freddie echoed Jodi’s sentiments. “I couldn’t picture my life without doing this every day with Jodi,” he said. “It would be really weird to not get up in the morning and go to work together. It’s sharing your passion with the person you care for the most – there’s no better joy. They understand the excitement of what’s happening in the show ring. They understand the excitement of a big win or a success.”

“And also the tears and difficulty,” Jodi reminded him.

“We have each other to lean on as well,” Freddie said.

Freddie and Jodi Vazquez

The Vazquez family has plenty to celebrate after their success at the Colorado Horse Park this summer. Freddie rode Presently, owned by Mark Senn, to a big win in Sunday’s $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby to close out Summer in the Rockies V, and with their excellent performances on opening day of Summer in the Rockies VI, both Jodi and Freddie look poised for more victories.

“This is our first time doing Colorado,” Jodi said. “We just thought we’d give it a shot, and we love it. It’s so incredibly well run and the footing is fantastic. The days are not too late, so all of our clients are happy – they get to go do other things like white-water rafting. Beautiful jumps, beautiful footing. . . there’s nothing else we could really ask for!”

Freddie and Jodi will have to stay on their game to keep winning against the tough competition at Summer in the Rockies VI. Freddie and Quintero’s Silhouette put in a strong showing in the First Year Green/Second Year Green/High Performance division, but other combinations are in the running for the championship.

Haylie Jayne rode Pony Lane Farm’s Summer Place to a win in the hack, second place over fences and second in the handy. Laurie Jueneman and Rio’s Firefly, owned by Christen Tuxworth, won over fences and took third in the handy and second in the hack.

Laurie Jueneman and Rio’s Firefly

“He feels great today – he’s just happy and loving jumping,” Jueneman said. “He was so straight and lofty and beautiful in the air, and expressive, and he was having fun.”

“The turns were tough in the handy today,” she added. “I did one of the inside turns and went around on the other because I wanted to show a little more forward pace.”

The tight turns in the handy worked to Hannah Holik’s advantage in the 3’6″ Performance Working Hunters. She rode Czech Mate LLC’s Dahlila to wins in the handy as well as the first round over fences.

“I loved the handy round because there were many inside turn options that she can easily do,” Holik said. “In the first round, there were some longer distances, and she can gallop up and jump well out of just about any distance. She handled everything really well.”

“I thought she was really quiet considering how windy it became,” Holik noted. “She was jumping out of her skin. I couldn’t ask for a better horse for that day.”

Holik has had a great showing at Summer in the Rockies, and she will be hard to catch in the 3’6″ Performance Working Hunters. Her next goal with Dahlila is to compete at the ASPCA Maclay Regional Finals at the Colorado Springs Fall Classic in September and try to advance to the ASPCA Maclay Finals at the Alltech National Horse Show. Dahlila – and Holik – seem to have no problem with the transition between the hunter and equitation rings.

“She’s such a versatile horse,” Holik said. “She gives me the opportunity to go in the hunters and the equitation and do well in both. She’s really flourished in both rings.”

Hannah Holik and Dahlila

Holik, along with Freddie and Jodi Vazquez and other top competitors, will return on Thursday to ride for the championship titles in the Olson Family Hunter Arena. Summer in the Rockies VI runs through Sunday, July 21.

Results: Summer in the Rockies VI – Wednesday, July 17, 2013 (Number/Horse/Owner/Rider)

1003. Performance 3’3″ Hunter O/F

1. 1567/Carnush/Beatrice Maloney/Jodi Vazquez

2. 1417/Calido’s Son/Amanda Hauser/Amanda Hauser

3. 1327/Holy Smoke/NTM Enterprises/Karin Barreau

4. 1574/Wingman/Jill Vannatta/Freddie Vazquez

5. 1573/Marneux/Cynthia Baffa/Freddie Vazquez

6. 1274/Romanee Conti/Katie Sputh/Candida Anthony

7. 1508/Cakebread/Kathy Mason Maechtle/Ireland Maechtle

8. 1235/Concrego/Capricorn Farm/Eva Coringrato


1004. Performance 3’3″ Hunter Handy

1. 1573/Marneux/Cynthia Baffa/Freddie Vazquez

2. 1417/Calido’s Son/Amanda Hauser/Amanda Hauser

3. 1271/Sorcerer/Kera McCandless/Candida Anthony

4. 1692/Luminaire/Dawn Marie Critton/Karen Stone

5. 1274/Romanee Conti/Katie Sputh/Candida Anthony

6. 1272/Callistus 4/Kera McCandless/Lara Brown

7. 1646/Calabria/Nicole Stern/Michael Dennehy

8. 1574/Wingman/Jill Vannatta/Freddie Vazquez


1005. Performance 3’3″ Hunter U/S

1. 1417/Calido’s Son/Amanda Hauser/Amanda Hauser

2. 1646/Calabria/Nicole Stern/Michael Dennehy

3. 1308/R-Mani/Samantha Seiler/Samantha Seiler

4. 1573/Marneux/Cynthia Baffa/Anita Mont

5. 1276/Mont Scirocco/Terri Gallegos/Terri Gallegos


1008. Performance 3’6″ Hunter O/F

1. 1435/Dahlila/Czech Mate, LLC/Hannah Holik

2. 1554/Del Mar/Sophie Wilson/Freddie Vazquez

3. 1287/Brunello/Megan Engel/Brianna Davis

4. 1426/Leoncito/Lucy Hunsaker/Meredith Houx Remiger

5. 1681/Toska/Courtnay Edwards/Courtnay Edwards

6. 1346/Jazzo/Kali Barnes/Kali Barnes

7. 1295/Simply Said/Emma Willsky/Ashley Keeler

8. 1403/Sir Topham Hat/The Cottonwoods Ltd/Liza Dennehy


1009. Performance 3’6″ Hunter Handy

1. 1435/Dahlila/Czech Mate, LLC/Hannah Holik

2 .1554/Del Mar/Sophie Wilson/Freddie Vazquez

3. 1426/Leoncito/Lucy Hunsaker/Meredith Houx Remiger

4. 1295/Simply Said/Emma Willsky/Ashley Keeler

5. 1287/Brunello/Megan Engel/Brianna Davis

6. 1346/Jazzo/Kali Barnes/Kali Barnes

7. 1681/Toska/Courtnay Edwards/Courtnay Edwards


1010. Performance 3’6″ Hunter U/S

1. 1295/Simply Said/Emma Willsky/Ashley Keeler

2. 1426/Leoncito/Lucy Hunsaker/Meredith Houx Remiger

3. 1435/Dahlila/Czech Mate, LLC/Hannah Holik


136. 1st/2nd/High Performance Hunter O/F

1. 1372/Rio’s Firefly/Christen Tuxworth/Laurie Jueneman

2. 1498/Summer Place/Pony Lane Farm/Haylie Jayne

3. 1576/Quintero’s Silhouette/Kira Telford/Freddie Vazquez

4. 1555/Zucchero/Amy Muslin/Jodi Vazquez


137. 1st/2nd/High Performance Hunter Handy

1. 1576/Quintero’s Silhouette/Kira Telford/Freddie Vazquez

2. 1498/Summer Place/Pony Lane Farm/Haylie Jayne

3. 1372/Rio’s Firefly/Christen Tuxworth/Laurie Jueneman

4. 1555/Zucchero/Amy Muslin/Jodi Vazquez

5. 1304/Alla’ Mint/Stacy Sibel/Stacy Sibel


138. 1st/2nd/High Performance Hunter U/S

1. 1498/Summer Place/Pony Lane Farm/Haylie Jayne

2. 1372/Rio’s Firefly/Christen Tuxworth/Laurie Jueneman

3. 1576/Quintero’s Silhouette/Kira Telford/Freddie Vazquez

4. 1304/Alla’ Mint/Stacy Sibel/Stacy Sibel


Full results available at


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