Granato and Hope Go One-Two in the $15,000 Welcome Stake at Summer in the Rockies V

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Alex Granato and Gangsta

Parker, CO- July 12, 2013 – Summer in the Rockies V continued at Colorado Horse Park with the $15,000 Welcome Stake as the highlight event of the day in the Kathy and Brad Coors Family Grand Prix Arena.

Brazilian course designer Anderson Lima built a challenging course requiring horse and rider to understand each other’s strengths. The course asked the riders to make the most productive choices and take advantage of time-saving options to come in under the tight time allowed. The course tested the best. An orange and yellow outside line triple combination going toward the in-gate (6A/B/C) tripped up many horse and rider teams, many at the “B” element.

Of the 31 horse and rider combinations, Hector Florentino and Liverpool, owned by Stransky’s Mission Farms, were the first to go clean and advance to the jump-off round. Nine rounds later, Alex Granato and his own Gangsta put in a fault-free round. Three rounds later, Maggie Jayne and Pony Lane Farm’s Manneken Du Cory joined the group headed to the jump-off.

Then, four horse and rider teams in a row left all the rails in their cups within the time allowed:  Caitlin Hope and Kathleen Hope’s Total Touch, Hunter Holloway and Hays Investment’s Yolo, Matt Cyphert and his Lochivar, and Hector Florentino and his second ride of the class, Anemone’s Vicky, owned by Stransky’s Mission Farms.

Mark Mead and Balthazar, owned by Marianne Marshall put in, what appeared to be a faultless round, but incurred the a single time penalty for being .607 over the time allowed.

Caitlin Hope and Total Touch

The final horse and rider combination to progress to the short track was John Pearce and Forest View Farm’s Johnny B Good.

Florentino and Liverpool returned for the jump-off round and had a rail. Next, Granato and Gangsta put in an incredible clear and very fast performance, breaking the timer beam at 33.206. This put them in the lead, where they would stay to eventually win the class. The next pair to go double clear was Hope and Total Touch with a time of 36.136 earning them second place. Florentino and Anemone’s Vicky were the only other horse and rider team to be fault-free in the jump-off with a time of 37.851.

Hector Florentino and Anemone’s Vicky

“I’ve had him just a little over three years now,” said Granato about Gangsta. “He’s been a great one. I stepped in with him after Charlie Jayne and have had a lot of fun with him right from the very beginning. He’s 13, he has a lot of fire and he has a lot of desire to do the job. He has a great attitude about the job.”

“In the first round I was a little worried because he was a little strong and he hasn’t done anything since the Prix last week,” he shared. “I had to take a little extra time in the first round to get him settled back. In the jump-off I lucked out a little bit but it worked out to our favor I let him take over and take on a good gallop and let him take hold of my hand and it worked out for us.”

Granato and Gangsta

Granato shared his thoughts on the 6 A/B/C combination that cost many of the horse and rider pairs a rail or two.

“A couple horses over-jumped “A” a little bit and didn’t back up in time,” he said. “I was fortunate that I rode another horse earlier for Sarah Tredennick, so I got a good feel how the course rode. Through the triple usually he’s a little too bold through the vertical/vertical but he backed up and jumped it really well today.”

“I really think that thinking about time allowed made the difference for me,” said second-place finisher, Hope. “It is always one of the things I have to think about. My horse and I are a really good team. He knows what I like and he tries really hard for me. I think it had a lot to do with knowing your horse and what works well for you.”

“For instance, the outside line, some people did seven to six. I did six to five,” she explained. That’s something that works out well for my horse. My horse is very careful and pretty much if I stay out of his way he does whatever he can to get his legs out of the way and it usually works.”

Hope and Total Touch

Hope, who trains with Diane Carney at Telluride Farm, is a junior at Lafayette College and has had Total Touch for four years. She doesn’t ride when she is away at school. She meets Carney at shows and just gets right back in the ring. She stays fit by going to the gym and running. During the school year Carney rides him and Richard Rinehart helps out.

“Going into the first round Diane wanted me to focus on the first three jumps – the five to the four and also the oxer at the in-gate, to get him turned and focused on the jump,” said Hope. For the second round we just wanted to be double clean and let the chips fall where they may. We have the Grand Prix this week also the High Junior Amateur Classic to look forward to, so we wanted to have a good class early in the week to set us up for the rest of the week. I think my horse is ready.”

“The course was fantastic and the class was competent,” said Carney. “There were 31 that could hit the center of the target. We were grateful to be part of the jump-off. Caitie and her horse, Total Touch, do a super job. They’re a match. We know the drill – our warm-up is the same every time. I say when she goes in the ring, ‘Focus on your straightness, focus on the time allowed, and let him jump clean,’ something that George (Morris) tells us to do all the time. I am very proud of them to be second in today’s class.”

This is Hope’s first time showing at the Colorado Horse Park.

“I really like it,” Hope said. “We’re here this week and next week and most likely, back in the future. I think the footing is great- my horse- it’s like a bouncing board for him so he really likes it.”

“I think the Colorado Horse Park is a special place to horse show,” said Carney. “I grew up in Colorado and certainly there wasn’t a place like this in the 70’s. It is really a pleasure to be here. I haven’t been back to Colorado to show for about 20 years. The footing is great the maintenance of everything is fantastic.”

Pat Boyle awards the trophy to Granato and Gangsta

589. $15,000 Open Welcome Stake

1/759/Gangsta/Alex Granato/Alex Granato

2/605/Total Touch/Kathleen Hope/Caitlin Hope

3/774/Anemone’s Vicky/Stransky’s Mission Farms, Inc./Hector Florentino

4/549/Manneken Du Cory/Pony Lane Farm/Maggie Jayne

5/645/Yolo/Hays Investment Corp./Hunter Holloway

6/772/Liverpool/Stransky’s Mission Farms, Inc./Hector Florentino

7/747/Lochivar/Matt Cyphert/Matt Cyphert

8/142/Johnny B Good/Forest View Farm/John Pearce

9/799/Balthazar/Marianne Marshall/Mark Mead

10/601/Shea/Blair Cudmore/Karen Cudmore

11/792/Black Diamond/AEM Enterprises, LLC/Kris Killam

12/602/Ceonto/Blair Cudmore/Karen Cudmore


Other Jumper Results from Summer in the Rockies V


554. $500 High Jr/AO Jumper

1/619/Unico/Stransky’s Mission Farms, Inc./Spencer Brittan

2/593/Papa Douba Diob/Iron Horse Farm/Karina Aziz

3/457/Quite Quick/Jennifer Flynn/Delaney Flynn

4/780/Twister/Stransky’s Mission Farms, Inc./Daniela Stransky

5/794/Chawa/Emma Scudder/Emma Scudder

6/779/Wauw/Stransky’s Mission Farms, Inc./Daniela Stransky

7/620/Little Gancho/Blue Hill Farm, LLC/Jackson Brittan

8/480/Gabriella Z/Lazy Creek Ranch Holdings LLC/Erin Nelson


550. $500 Low Junior Jumper

1/722/Aretina M/Stephanie Novas/Stephanie Novas

2/315/Bull Run’s Believer/Empire State Equine Sales, LLC/Chelsea Babcock

3/586/Venti/Hannah DeLano/Hannah DeLano

4/198/Zwelgje/Lauren Myers/Lauren Myers

5/112/Lambert Louis/Cora Leeuwenburg/Cora Leeuwenburg

6/621/GPS Inside Out/Lazy Creek Ranch Holdings LLC/Spencer Brittan

7/386/Chamonix/Elani Rager/Rachel Mc Lelland

8/267/Attack/Brittyn Niemi/Sally Parks


562. $500 Low Amateur Owner Jumper

1/740/Indian Creek’s Mighty Magic/Kelsey Van Ackeren/Kelsey Van Ackeren

2/238/Evita/Megan Buscema/Megan Buscema

3/573/Charleton/Leah Brindley/Leah Brindley

4/801/Catriel Z/Hillary Butt/Hillary Butt

5/598/Lalique/Blair Cudmore/Brooke Cudmore

6/239/Temuco/Elyse Buscema/Elyse Buscema

7/371/My Ty/Megan Garrett/Megan Garrett

8/739/Hey Joe/Kelsey Van Ackeren/Kelsey Van Ackeren

9/107/Picobello/Showcase 81, LLC/Bryn Sadler

10/180/Dillinger/Coralie Leslie/Helen Leslie

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