Colorado Springs Summer Twofer- Two Great Shows in One Week, Plus Free Entries!

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Liz Dennehy enjoys the new and improved Norris Penrose Equestrian Center
Photo: iHorse Photo Media Group

You’ve seen it at Macy’s and you’ve seen it at the grocery store, and now Langer Equestrian Group is offering a Twofer at its June horse shows in Colorado Springs along with a bonus: free entries! Come to the newly upgraded and enhanced Norris Penrose Event Center the week of June 24-30 for two USEF A rated, Jumper Rating 3 horse shows. It will be a festival of fun during the LEG Festival Preview (June 24-26) and the LEG Summer Festival (June 27-30). You don’t want to miss out!

Showing in Colorado Springs gives exhibitors a fun change of pace, and the restaurants and other activities in Colorado Springs make for a an all-around good time. The shows feature a $10,000 Festival Welcome Class and the $20,000 Summer Festival Grand Prix, both held at an inviting 1.35M. Add that to a schedule filled with full hunter, jumper, and equitation sections, along with all the major medal classes, and there is something for everyone.

“We used to have to take two weeks off to go to Arizona and show,” remarks Ann Hanna, a local professional who brings several students to the shows. “But having this high quality of show right in our backyard, we will get to go to four or five shows for the same amount. And with all the hard work LEG is doing to improve the facility, it’s great!”

And to sweeten the deal even further, LEG is offering each exhibitor a $40 discount on class entry fees for up to three classes per horse at the LEG Festival Preview. Not only can you compete in two shows in one week, but you can save up to $120 on entry fees!

“Norris-Penrose and Langer Equestrian Group have made a huge commitment to give exhibitors another great place to show year around,” said Larry Langer. “Both groups have invested a lot to create more rings, better footing, improved stabling, and other amenities expected of a quality horse show. In fact, we have a five-year plan to make the shows better and better each year.”

Larry has the experience and track record for creating or developing over ten equestrian centers and horse show facilities. He understands that it takes time to get a new facility up to speed, and he is well prepared to stay the course in Colorado Springs.

Charlotte Robson, the LEG Colorado Horse Show Director, has been with LEG for 35 years and is familiar with what it takes in the early years to start up a new horse show location. “In many of the facilities we have developed over the years, we have had far less to work with than we have here at the Norris Penrose Event Center. Our plan is to run our calendar of shows, get exhibitor feedback, and make adjustments to the shows and the facility as we go.”

“We loved the footing and the rings looked really nice,” says Kris Nixon, who won the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby on her Better Days at Colorado Springs Spring Preview. “All the stalls and facilities are so nice now with all the improvements they’ve made. It’s really a pleasure to show here.”

Come to Colorado Springs for a great June Twofer, $120 of entry fee discounts, and check out all the additions to this fantastic horse show destination!

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