2013 Nor Cal Medal Finals: Bigger and Better Than Ever!

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Amateur Rider Adrienne Dixon tops the 2012 $10,000 Carolyn Day Jumper Classic
Photo: Sheri Scott

The NorCal Hunter Jumper Association and Langer Equestrian Group are pleased to announce that the 33rd Annual NorCal Medal Finals (Oct 9-13) are right around the corner! Many of Northern California’s top horses and riders will compete at the Brookside Equestrian Park in not only the NorCal Medal Finals themselves, but a variety of other classes and special events at this USEF “A” rated, NorCal double pointed 2013 NorCal Medal Finals Horse Show.

The NorCal Medal Finals started in 1976 with the NorCal Junior Medal during what was then the Pacific Horse Center Fall Classic. In 1978, the NorCal Senior Medal was added for amateur riders, followed by the NorCal Pony Medal in 1990, and finally the NorCal 3′ Medal in 1999 to round out the offerings for NorCal members.

Langer Equestrian Group has been the proud host of the NorCal Medal Finals since their inception, and Larry Langer is especially pleased to bring them back to their original location to what is now known as Brookside Equestrian Park, owned and operated by Bill Madden. “Bill has done a great job with the facility and it has become a very popular venue among exhibitors. Bill is a wonderful host and I feel that Brookside is a great location for the show and the NorCal Medal Finals,” said Langer.

Cindi Perez, President of NorCal, is equally enthusiastic about the show. “This is a very special event for our members. Riders and trainers work hard all year to qualify, and for many Northern California riders, the NorCal Medal Finals are the highlight of their show season. NorCal Board’s Medal Finals Horse Show Chairwoman Connie Buckley and her committee are working hard to ensure the show is a memorable one.”

Peggy Fackrell will take the reins as the Horse Show Manager for the five day, four ring event that offers classes for all levels of riders from .70 Meter Jumpers to the $10,000 Carolyn Day Memorial Grand Prix (1.35M), part of the LEGIS Jumper Rider Bonus Program.

A $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby, part of the LEGIS Hunter Rider Bonus Program, is sure to draw top hunters, and the Carousel Hunter Derby for 2’6″ Children’s and Adult riders serves as the final class for this series of the 2013 season with a special series award presented to the winner.

The NorCal Medal Finals Horse Show also serves as the final show of the LEG Maui Trainer Incentive, which awards $5,000 in cash prizes to the top trainers of the 2013 series, plus a week’s stay in Maui at a beautiful resort for the winning professional. Competition is fierce this year among the top trainers, with Jessica Harrell in the lead, followed by Hilary Johnson and Jill Hamilton. With double points offered at the NorCal Medal Finals Show, anything can happen and any of these trainers could find themselves on the warm beaches of Maui this winter.

Besides double points for the LEG Maui Trainer Incentive, there are also double points for the Carousel Hunter Derby Series, and NorCal members receive double points toward their year-end awards, so this show is a trifecta of double points and definitely not to be missed.

Exhibitors and their guests will enjoy parties almost every day, starting with a special dinner for trainers on Wednesday evening, capped by a Sunday Brunch in honor of the medal finalists, and lots of great stuff in between.

Please check out the show schedule on the LEG website, and the prize list will be posted by September 1.

Both NorCal Hunter Jumper Association and Langer Equestrian Group look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s NorCal Medal Finals Horse Show.

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