The other things to see at Rolex… Part 1: People and Dogs

April 23rd, 2013 4:09 PM | Comments Off on The other things to see at Rolex… Part 1: People and Dogs


Is people watching a sport? I’d say the answer is YES.  It can be played by all, and though the scoring isn’t universally standardized, local variations are part of the charm. Rolex offers the perfect opportunity to people gaze, in-between watching the horses.

Some sporting ideas for people watching:

  • Keep a running count of baseball caps. For extra points compete to see who spots the most of one color.
  • Same thing for backpacks or t-shirts.
  • Make words with the first letters that you see on 10 people’s shirts. Try to look for people wearing shirts that say more than ‘Rolex’; 10 R’s only form words on “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”
  • Points for spotting pink wellies, double score if they’re leopard print too.
  • You get the idea. Keep a running score of points and remember that he who loses, buys the drinks at dinner.
  • I’m keeping score of adorable children and their parents.

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Three points for me! Plus one for the pink hat and another for the dog…

If your Mom would wince at you playing such games with people (after all, it is rude to point and stare and debate the number of points the lady in the white hat with the black bag and the pink wellies will add to your total), play them with dogs instead. They won’t get their feelings hurt, and your mother can join right in. Rolex is the only major sporting event I can think of where dogs are allowed to come watch the fun. (Can you imagine dogs at the World Series?)

Dogs carrying, dogs being carried, big dogs, little dogs, well dressed dogs, dogs Au natural…

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Just remember that neither if these is intended to be a full-contact sport, and have a good time!


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