Acquired by Bodi Center Equine Family of Websites

September 17th, 2012 9:04 PM | Comments Off on Acquired by Bodi Center Equine Family of Websites

We are excited to announce that, a trusted online resource for over 15 years, has been acquired by Bodi Center, LLC, a family owned business and the team behind, one of the largest online equine communities in the world, as well as Show Horse Today magazine, and 

Anna Goebel, founder of has done a wonderful job in creating a valued resource for sport horse enthusiasts, and we look forward to building on that foundation to bring the community more fun and exciting ways to get the latest news and information, to buy and sell horses, tack and other products and services, and to connect to share photos, video, stories, and a passion for equestrian sports.

Going forward, you will continue to find us at, but you will see our logo and website evolve over the near term as we bring you more ways to interact with each other and the website.  As you see things evolve, we’d love to get your feedback on the changes, as well as your suggestions for making this a trusted and valued destination.  We would also encourage you to check out to learn more about who we are and how we work.  Whether it’s exposing your horse for sale to a very large online Classifieds platform, providing a fun and easy place to upload your photos and video, or chatting with others across the world in our forums, we look forward to working with you to make this a special place.

About / Show Horse Today

Since 1998, has been providing an online forum and website for horse people to come together to share their passions, stay current with what is happening in our industry and with each other, and conduct business with one another. Over the years, the website and forum have grown to become one of the largest online meeting places and business exchanges in the world for its growing community of equine enthusiasts.  Whether your passion is focused on AQHA, APHA, ApHC, POAC or other breeds, and regardless of your preferred discipline, the online community, including its 37,000+ Facebook fan base across two pages, is a welcome place to connect with others, get the latest news, learn from the pros, buy and sell horses and products, and most importantly, feel like you belong.

Show Horse Today, a digital magazine published by our team, is an extension of and our overall online equine community and brings the latest news, tips, and ideas from leaders in the industry, as well as showcased horses, exhibitors, products and For Sale listings to your desktop, iPad, smartphone and Facebook.

To learn more about this new chapter in the life of, please click here to read Our Story, which outlines some of the tools and fun things now available on the site.  We look forward to working with you!



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