Silva Martin Begins Road to Recovery

March 14th, 2014 9:46 AM | Comments Off on Silva Martin Begins Road to Recovery

By Coree Reuter-McNamara,

Silva Martin an upper level dressage rider and wife of four-star eventer and U.S. Olympic team member Boyd Martin, has been transferred to the Pinecrest Rehabilitation wing of Delray Medical Center in Delray Beach, Florida, after spending the last two weeks recover from a brain injury she received following an accident at her winter home in Wellington, Florida on March 5.

“At the moment she’s mentally sharp as a tack and her neurosurgeon assures me that as time goes on and the blood is reabsorbed into her body, her balance, sight and speech will improve,” Boyd reported on his blog yesterday. “There’s no question it’s a pretty serious injury and will take time to heal, but if you give this kind of thing enough time things usually come back to 100%.”

Boyd reported that Silva’s mother is flying in from Germany to help with Silva’s rehabilitation, and as soon as the doctor’s give Silva the okay to travel, she will be transported to the Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

Silva was teaching a lesson on horseback when the horse she was riding tripped and fell on her. According to all reports, Silva was wearing a helmet, but was knocked unconscious and suffered a seizure.

[For more information about Silva’s accident…]

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