HRTV Debuts NEW Weekly Series with Noted Clinician Kerry Kuhn

January 14th, 2013 6:31 PM | Comments Off on HRTV Debuts NEW Weekly Series with Noted Clinician Kerry Kuhn

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Premiere Episode Unveiled on Tuesday, Jan 15 at 7:30 p.m. ET

Arcadia, CA, Jan. 14 — HRTV (R), The Network for Horse Sports, will continue to provide equestrian fans with outstanding horsemanship clinicians when it debuts a weekly series featuring the esteemed Kerry Kuhn, premiering on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

The weekly half-hour shows will be entitled, Riding Horses with Kerry Kuhn, and air each Tuesday evening for a 13-week run.  Tuesday’s opening installment will highlight “Effects of Noise & Movement.”
Kuhn’s passion for horses and training started at a very young age and has grown into a lifelong pursuit.  Born in Medicine Lodge, KS, in 1975, he has worked with horses ever since.  At the age of 12, Kerry started his first 2-year-old colt with the help of his grandfather, Dale Lukens.  After that, he was motivated to learn as much as he could about communicating with horses and spent many days working horses and gathering cattle for local ranches.
In high school, Kerry competed in rodeo as a calf, team and steer roper.  He also spent several years training young Thoroughbreds at a local racetrack.
He served as the official clinician on “Best of America by Horseback” for several years, a popular show on RFD-TV.  Kuhn has also won numerous colt starting competitions in the last few years as these events have gained in popularity.
“HRTV is the television network for horse sports, bar none,” said Kuhn, about his new association with HRTV. “Having my series on HRTV will invite a huge audience of horse owners to better their skills, lose their fears, ride with poise and confidence, and understand how to synchronize with their horses both on the ground and from the saddle.”

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