Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us!

November 28th, 2013 5:00 AM | Comments Off on Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us!

Here at theSportHorse.com, we know we certainly have a lot to be thankful for, and Thanksgiving is certainly a great day to reflect on it all. We want to wish our friends, followers and family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving sporthorse

We are so grateful to our horses, your horses, their horses, horses everywhere! Without them, we wouldn’t have this great industry that we all so love. We are thankful for our trainers, who teach us and our horses (although we may not feel so thankful when our legs are aching from those no stirrup lessons…) how to be our best. We are thankful for our show moms and dads, surrogate or otherwise, who are there to polish boots, pay the bills, pick us up when we fall or fail, and celebrate with us. We are thankful for saddle makers, who build us beautiful and comfortable pieces of tack. We are thankful for farriers, veterinarians, and dentists who keep our horses safe, sound and healthy. We are thankful for our graphic designers, who design beautiful ads and logos for our businesses. We are thankful for our horse friends, who are there when we want to talk about the adorable thing that Trigger did today, take trail rides with, will travel hours upon hours to go look at a new horse, and don’t look at us strange when we talk about frozen sperm at the dinner table.

We are thankful for our families for buying us “horse stuff” on our Christmas lists, and for coming to horse shows, even if they don’t know what is going on. We are thankful for show managers, who organize and run the horse shows that we love. We are thankful for our judges, who even when we don’t agree with them, spend the entire day (and sometimes night) carefully watching each and every class. We are thankful for our ring stewards, who often get overlooked and are on their feet sometimes even longer than the judges. We are thankful for our “ring guys” who maintain the footing. We are thankful for our barn managers, who keep the entire facility running smoothly. We are thankful for our horse breeders, who care about conformation and movement and give us beautiful animals. We are thankful for our breed registries, who manage hundreds of thousands of files and keep us going. We are thankful for our show clothes designers, who keep us looking our best. We are thankful for the concession stand workers, who keep us from keeling over from hunger during shows. We are thankful for non-horse loving friends, who eventually learn to just smile and nod when we start rambling about how that movie is using the wrong kind of bit and those horses move so beautifully! We are thankful for our theSportHorse customers, who keep our business going.

Our list could go on and on, because it takes so many people to keep this world going. But most importantly, we are thankful for you. Our readers, our community, who visit our site and share their stories. So this Thanksgiving, take the time to remember and thank everyone that makes our industry so great. Because if we weren’t “horse crazy”, well… we would just be crazy!

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