2013 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI4* Preview Blog # 5

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By Sarah Miller, Primary Blogger for MacMillan Photography & Media Services

Other things to do at Rolex Kentucky – Part 2

So, you’re at the park early, or you need a break from dressage, or cross-country is finished for the day. What do you do?

There is a lot more going on at Rolex than just the three-day competition.

If you’re shopping minded, the vendors can provide you with an afternoon of enjoyable discoveries. Boots, socks, jewelry, saddles, or beaded ear covers are all at your fingertips. I must admit that shopping isn’t my thing. The only thing I’ve gone shopping for was an extra pair of socks on cross-country day. My fellow photographers, however, tell me it’s a good time.

 If it isn’t your thing either, then catch some of the other attractions.

Of all the extra-curricular activities at Rolex, the Prince Philip Cup Pony Club Games are my favorite. Four Pony Club teams compete to see who wins the cup. Each team has a fun name such as the “Mean Green Lima Beans”, the “Flamboyant Four” or the “Punk Ponies”. These kids and their ponies are fun to watch. Their colorful outfits make it easy to find a team to cheer for, assuming you only want to cheer for one team!

During the Celebrity Round former Pony Club members who are now professionals join the teams, with some hilarious results. It may not be nice to laugh at a professional eventer having trouble with a pony, or failing to get a Dixie cup from one pole to the other, but if you laugh you won’t laugh alone. Go and cheer the kids on. And take note of the riders’ names, you never know who you’ll see down the road at Rolex.

If you want to stay in an eventing mood, go to the Future Event Horse demo and check it out. The USEA Future Event Horse Program was started in 200.  Support these sport horse breeders as they work hard to breed, train and promote future eventing stars. It’s an interesting program, but since I’ll also be blogging about it later, I’ll just say here, that it’s worth checking out.

One of the FEH Demo young horses from last year- I wonder if he’s thinking about getting his own statue someday?

Speaking of statues… The horse park has tons of statues around the park, which are worth visiting. The statue of the Man ‘o War Memorial is probably the most famous, but I like the foals who play outside the Visitor’s Center. There are others too:  the Triple Crown winner Secretariat greet you as you walk into the Park; the Saddlebred Champion Wing Commander behind the Visitor’s Center, and Bruce Davidson and Eagle Lion jumping a drop are located just northwest of the Rolex stadium. Each is a beautiful tribute to some of the finest equines in modern history.

Assuming you have any time left in your busy schedule, I can’t recommend the International Museum of the Horse enough. I think the exhibits are fascinating, well presented and best of all, horse centered. Click here to visit their website.

The Kentucky Horse Park itself has some great things to do. Check out the Big Barn, (which lives up to its name), where the draft horses who pull the horse-drawn tours are stabled. The Park also offers guided trail rides – something I keep meaning to do and haven’t had time to try yet. Horses of the World is an exhibition put on three times a day at the Breeds Barn, with riders in costumes native to the times and places the horses are from. And the Hall of Champions lets you view racing and performance horse champions who are now living out well-deserved retirements at the Park.


More information and schedules can be found on the drop down menu on the Kentucky Horse Park website.

You might need Dr. Who’s Tardis to see all the sights, but plan big and have fun when you arrive at the Park for Rolex Kentucky. After you figure out how to fit all of that into the days at Rolex, the question becomes… what to do with the nights?

All photos by Sarah Miller/MacMillan Photography. All photos are copyrighted and the property of MacMillan Photography & Media Services. To purchase photos contact us at 260-468-2392 or photo@looncreekenterprises.com.

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