2013 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI4* Preview Blog # 3

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By Sarah Miller, Primary Blogger for MacMillan Photography & Media Services

The next step in getting pumped up for this year’s Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI4* is watching videos of last year’s competition. If you missed the competition in person or on TV, YouTube has a splendid selection of videos. By splendid, I mean when you type in “Rolex 2012 Kentucky” you get about 63,200 results. Browse through and you’ll see official videos from the likes of USEventing, Universal Sports, RolexKentucky and usefnetwork. There are also some less well polished, but enjoyable videos from attendees with cameras, phones and ipads.

All this means that if you missed a minute of the competition you can find it somewhere. And if you didn’t miss a minute, but want to watch again, you might be able to spot yourself in the crowd.

 I spent a pleasant two (or three) hours watching the clips and have a hands down personal favorite which I’ll reveal to you below.

Last year I had the pleasure of going on two separate course walks. One was with the course designer Derek di Grazia, and the second was with Jim Wofford. Both men had insights on how the course might ride and Di Grazia had some comments on how he felt that the competitors would tackle his questions.

All of it was fascinating, but I’ve wondered on occasion what the course looks like from horseback and what the rider is thinking about as he or she goes along. Since my horseback exploits are significantly less action-packed, I’ve only wondered however.

Now I have an answer.

Douglas Payne wore a helmet cam for his Rolex try last year. Not only do you get to see the course from the rider’s point of view; Payne lets you into what he was thinking. He narrates the entire ride, talking about the jumps, his horse and the course. He and Running Order were one of the 19 pairs who picked up penalties at the number 9 jump, the Bridgestone Park Question, and the video shows just how demanding an obstacle it was.

Check it out!

 Doug Payne and Running Order finished 17th last year. (As an aside, Running Order was just recently sold to William Fox-Pitt’s yard in England.)

Once you’re finished watching videos for education, see if you can find yourself in the crowd. I haven’t yet, but I still have 63,180 videos to go. Maybe this year I’ll wear a distinctive hat…

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