2013 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI4* Preview Blog – Packing: The “What If” Bug

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By Sarah Miller, Primary Blogger for MacMillan Photography & Media Services

Getting Ready for Rolex – Packing: The “What-if” Bug

My Rolex packing list starts something like this:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Pencils
  • Computer
  • Boots
  • Sneakers

It makes a nice, neat list. Somewhere between that list and the suitcase, things go terribly awry.

What is it about loading luggage into a car that makes so much more stuff seem essential? If this were a plane trip I’d have two pairs of jeans, one nice outfit and a few essentials. Not so with Rolex. I can justify some of the excess by blaming it on preparedness.  Rolex requires a few more essentials than a trip to visit family. My computer, for example, does not usually travel. Nor do I bring an extra pillow and blanket. The bag containing outdoor gear wouldn’t be going. So, there are four big things down.

None of that justification works on the mound of clothes on the bed however. Part of the problem is that the weather forecast is ambiguous. It will be chilly, but warm in the middle of the day. Maybe. There will be rain. It will be cloudy. It will be sunny. From past experience it will be all of the above in short duration bursts through the day. The other half is that barn-ready clothes won’t work for a nice dinner or photographing in the show jumping ring.

With that in mind, I have sweaters, long-sleeved shirts and tee shirts. Pants are easier, no shorts, but I need a pair of pants that look nice for the media dinner, and another nice pair for Sunday. There are two pairs of nice pants in the pile. Plus a two dressy jackets, a thermal turtleneck, half a dozen tee shirts, six or seven pairs of socks and assorted other garments.

I also have an hour before my ride picks me up and a load of laundry with my other pair of nice khakis and even more clothes in contention. The essentials: the computer, sunscreen, and the bug spray are packed, but I suspect that I will once again “schlep” home at least 2 outfits that I never wore. Oh well. There is all that space in the trunk…

At least I didn’t forget the hairbrush….


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