2013 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI4* Blog – Dressage Continues & Talk with U.S. Pan Am Gold Medalist Michael Pollard

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By Sarah Miller, Primary Blogger for MacMillan Photography & Media Services

Dressage got off to another chilly start this morning, but I was not there. Instead, I had the privilege of doing a short interview with international eventer and Pan American Games gold medalist Michael Pollard. He talked about Cavalor feeds and his work as CEO. We also talked about his family’s Chatsworth stud, and his commitment to breeding quality eventing horses in the US. He has a mix of bloodlines at the farm that include Anglo-Arabs, an Irish stallion, a Trakehner stallion and a Selle Francais stallion. He talked about wanting to breed horses that had staying power and were built for the discipline.

Sarah interviews Michael Pollard. Photo by Kristin Crowe.

Then I ended my quiet morning with lunch in the press room. Land Rover, one of the major sponsors of the event was kind enough to cater a lunch for the media today. They will also be giving us lunch tomorrow. It’s a lovely thing for them to do and I can’t thank them enough for it.

Mary King and Fernhill Urco received a 43.7, which was good enough to place her in a fifth-place tie with Marilyn Little and RF Demeter. As the day got warmer so did the competition. Andrew Nicholson turned in another fantastic ride on his second mount for this event, Quimbo. He beat his score from yesterday by 1.2 points ending up with a 38.0 on Quimbo. Then William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning went out and showed the crowd how to make eventing dressage look easy. He and Chilli posted a 33.3 which launched them to the number one position, almost 5 points ahead of Andrew Nicholson and Quimbo.

William and Chilli with big smiles

Perfect salute

William and Chilli at the trot

Happy with the finish.

The top 5 riders are:

  • William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning 33.3
  • Andrew Nicholson and Quimbo (NZL) 38.0
  • Andrew Nicholson and Calico Joe (NZL) 40.8
  • Alexandra Knowles and Last Call (USA) 43.3
  • Mary King and Fernhill Urco (GBR)  and Marilyn Little and RF Demeter (USA) are tied with 43.7

And how are my five riders doing? Well, Andrew Nicholson is doing quite well, since he is in both second and third place. Buck Davidson is in eighth, 20th and 23rd place on his rides, with Mar de Amor is in the 20th spot. Ballylaffin Bracken and Kristin Schmozle are tied for 17th place.

Ronald Zabala-Goetshel and Wise Master Equestrian are in 22nd place and Austin O’Connor and Ringwood Mississippi are in 32nd place.

 The Prince Philip cup competition also began today. I only got to catch a glimpse in between things today; but the competition looked just as spirited as ever.

Pony club girl

When you plan to go on a course walk, it is best if you check you watch carefully.

I had planned to take the 3:30 course walk with Ralph Hill and Eric Dierks sponsored by Flair.. As I walked up the hill to the start box I saw a group leaving, checked my cell phone clock and only saw the numbers 32. I hurried to catch up with the group, chased them up two hills and caught up when they doubled back to the curving brushes.

I caught them





Sinead Halpin on her course walk.

Turns out I followed Sinead Halpin’s course walk for a while, then realized I hadn’t missed my intended course walk after all – I had started out an hour early! So I left Sinead’s group and headed back to the beginning where I caught up with Ralph and Eric at jumps 3 and 4, the Double Brush tables.

Ralph and Eric on course.





Ralph and Eric offered up good insights and humor. On jump 12 the Ditch Brush, Ralph mentioned that the ditch makes a beautiful front rail for the jump. Then he said that if he were riding it he’d pull his horse’s head up when he felt the dip in the ground, so that the horse would be looking toward the brush on the top of the jump. Then if the horse looks down he’ll be going “Wonder why they didn’t tell me there was a ditch here?” The rider can give him a pat and say “Tell you later buddy.” 


The course walks were very well attended today, a good preview for the crowds tomorrow.  Several walks were out on afternoon walks and we passed each other at a few jumps.

Our group passes the Folks on the Cavalor tour.

Once I got back from the course walk, Rolex held a reception for the media. The canapés and conversation were the perfect break before the Kentucky Reining Cup CRI***.

Painted Pony Whiz and Rocky Dare

Shawn Flarida won the individual competition, and Team Ariat won the team competition.

I’m looking forward to cross-country tomorrow and hoping that the rain will wait until everyone is off course.

Most photos by Sarah Miller, except the one of Sarah interviewing Michael Pollard, which were taken by Kristin Crowe. All photos are copyrighted and owned by MacMillan Photography & Media Services. To purchase photos contact us at photo@looncreekenterprises.com or 260-468-2392.

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