2013 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI4* Blog – Cross Country from the Hotel Room & Reining Freestyle Live on the Internet…..

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 By Dee Kochensparger for MacMillan Photography & Media Services

 Today was a disappointment as far as not being able to go with my fellow photographers to the Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event Cross-Country due to illness. But, I was able to watch it on the USEF Network online. It is a totally different feeling than when you are amidst the action; feeling the energy from the crowd, the power from the horses and the concentration from the rider.

The advantages of being tucked in my hotel room away from the action:  I was able to stay dry, see much more of the competitors’ rides, and hear the commentary by Gina Miles and Doug Hauton. There were also guest interviews with Karen O’Conner, Allison Springer and Hawley Bennett plus many more. It was interesting to hear their take on the different fences, riders and the condition of the horses throughout the course. The camaraderie between all, past and present competitors, was evident.

It was also neat to get a bird’s-eye view of the course; some of those fences are a lot wider than one thinks. As a photographer often we are looking at the riders coming toward us over those tables, and we cannot appreciate the stretch the horses need to do to clear that width!

I enjoyed viewing the different angles of the fences. One could also see the difference from start to finish how the horse tires by the time it gets to the end. The course seems longer when you can see it through to the end rather than just the fence you are photographing.

Some highlights I particularly enjoyed were:  Kendal Lehari and Daily Edition seeming to just glide over the first fence, then sliding smoothly over fence #21’s Stepped Tables; William Fox-Pitt and Chilli Morning jumping fence #5’s Rock Wall like you could have added another two feet of rocks on that wall and they would have cleared it easily; Andrew Nicholson and Quimbo flying across fence #25, the Walnut Tables, toward the end like they were fresh out of the gate! At the end of the day Andrew Nicholson and Quimbo were leading the pack.

I guess it is important to get a different perspective now and again, even when one is forced to. Having said that, I am looking forward to actually being there Sunday for show jumping!

Click here to view the action from the 2013 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event in on-demand segments.

As the day turned into evening, still in my hotel room, but feeling better, I had great fun watching the World Freestyle Reining Championship. The winner of the World Freestyle Reining Championship was Shane Brown and the lovely grey Quarter Horse stallion, Shepherd Star.  Click here to view that action on USEF Network.


Photos by Hannah Wormgoor for MacMillan Photography. All photos are copyrighted and owned by MacMillan Photography & Media Services. To purchase photos contact us at photo@looncreekenterprises.com or 260-468-2392.


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