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StepnSoak is the first one-piece, self-attaching vinyl hoof soaking boot designed to make the task of hoof soaking simple, safe and effective. Made of durable 3-ply Taurpin with a webbed nylon center, StepnSoak 911 can be easily slipped on, and strong enough to leave the horse in cross-ties or in a stall while soaking! And, the fact that the boots are 18” high means your face and head don’t have to be down low in hoof striking range while you put them on. The reusable boots are then secured with ties that criss-cross securely around the horse’s leg – no more fumbling with clumsy buckets or wet duct tape.

Strong, durable hoof soaking boots for all of your equine’s hoof ailments, such as abscesses, contracted toes, laminitis, navicular, thrush, white line disease, puncture wounds, you name it!