About Us

New Look. Same Great Community.

theSportHorse team is excited to bring you an enhanced look and experience to the same SportHorse1.com website many of you have been part of for more than 15 years. We’ve incorporated ideas and suggestions we’ve received from many of you, as well as utilized a proven set of publishing tools developed by us for other equine websites we’ve been managing for 15 years.  In fact, we have one of the largest online equine audiences in the world.  Just as we have with our other communities, we hope to earn your trust, as we are committed to providing a platform for feeding your sport horse passion, promoting or finding information, services and products that add value, and building community.  Whether your discipline is dressage, hunter / jumper, eventing, combined driving, reining or any combination, we have something here for you.

What’s New?

Please take some time to explore all areas of the site. You’ll find some things that look familiar, as well as several new areas you’ll want to check out:

  • Videos – Check out our Featured Videos on the home page and video gallery, and add your own
  • Photos – Browse the photos on the home age and in the Photo Gallery, and add your own
  • Custom Business Directory Pages – Providing a directory of sport horse businesses has been at the core of SportHorse1.com since its beginning many years ago.  We’ve built on that foundation, and you now have a page on our site to further promote your business that can be customized with your content, photos and video (For those looking for links to businesses by discipline or business type, please find the “Industry Links” in the second navigation bar at the top of our site.)
  • Horse Pages  – We’ve added our Horse section to include pages that can be customized with your content, photos and video of your horses
  • More Ways to Get Involved – In addition to submitting your photos and video and rating the foals, you also have the opportunity to comment, ask questions, interact and share throughout the site. If you’re a Facebook or Twitter user, you’ll find many places to engage and have fun
  • Classifieds – We’re excited to bring you our Classifieds for buying and selling your horse, show clothing and other products and services.  Thanks to feedback from many in our community, we’re pleased to bring you this simple, easy-to-use tool for buying and selling.  We’ve just updated our Classifieds and put them on our HostedHorse.com platform to bring you excellent search capability, the ability to include multiple videos, painless photo uploading (Yes! try it.), and interactive mapping with Google Maps.  Since it’s a core part of our business across all of our sites, you will be able to enjoy a more integrated experience in promoting your classified listings throughout other parts of our website and our social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. What’s even better – if you are an advertising sponsor of theSportHorse, you are able to post unlimited classified listings at no additional charge.
  • Forums – If you are looking for a place to chat with others about anything and everything, we’ve just created a new place to do that on our HostedHorse.com sister site at HostedHorse.com/Forum.  There, you’ll be able to connect with others specific to your discipline as well as general horse lovers.  You’ll also be able to post about your horses, tack and other items for sale, and you’ll be able to include photos and video right in your posts.  (With over 50,000 members, we’ve managed our Pleasure Horse Forum for over 15 years.  We’ve taken what we’ve learned with that and look forward to providing you simple tools for connecting on our new HostedHorse.com/Forums.)

We’re excited to bring these tools to you, and we’re not done yet.  Be on the lookout for more enhancements as we continue on our quest to add value to your theSportHorse experience.

What Hasn’t Changed?

Since 1998, SportHorse1.com has provided a directory and platform for sport horse enthusiasts to stay current with what is happening in our industry and with each other, and conduct business with one another.

As a family owned and operated business, we are committed to continuing to provide our community of horse owners, breeders, trainers, judges, fashion experts and designers, and other product and service providers with an effective platform for finding and enhancing customer relationships. We are a small team of passionate equestrian enthusiasts from all disciplines, and technology experts with many years of professional online and social media experience.  For the thousands of equestrian sport enthusiasts who visit our site, we understand the importance of providing a simple and fun platform for connecting with one another, while also being an effective exchange for finding what you need.

Integrity, professionalism, objectivity and a passion to serve everyone in our community and industry are the values by which we’ve been doing business for 15 years, and this will continue to be our foundation for the next 15 years and beyond.  Our business is about giving you a great place to feed your equine passion.  It’s about keeping you updated, helping you learn, train, compete, sell, and providing you with another resource for getting what you need.  We realize that there are some great resources out there for you, and we look forward to working with you to make this a regular and welcome place to be part of something special.

Thank you for being part of this community.

Heidi and Joe and our theSportHorse Team


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Verona, WI 53593